Maros Hluska

Maros Hluska <>


  • Snapchat, Software Engineer

  • Nest, Software Engineer (contract)

  • Square, Software Engineer (contract)

  • Coinbase, Software Engineer (contract)

  • Square, Software Engineer (intern)

  • Inkling, Software Engineer (intern)

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  • BMath, Mathematics, University of Waterloo


  • Bitcoin trading bot: Market making and arbitrage bot
    • Ruby
  • CreditBitcoins: App for buying bitcoins using a credit card
    • JavaScript
    • Ruby on Rails
  • Snake: WebGL, voxel-based self-playing snake game
    • JavaScript
    • WebGL
  • Reddpipe: Image browsing app for Reddit
    • JavaScript
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  • Maros has a fantastic attention to detail and great organizational skills, is a very passionate and hard working individual; always willing to help with a project—even if it was outside of his project scope. He's also very action-oriented and solution-based. He consistently delivered high quality, test-driven code for us and I recommend him without hesitation and hope to work with him again. ― Shawn Dumas (Staff Front-end Engineer, Manager at Nest)
  • Maros is an incredibly diligent, detail-oriented and capable engineer. Most of all, he's a pleasure to work with. In his time working with us on Square Cash, we were always confident in his ability to take relatively big projects and run with them. Even when in unfamiliar territory, he's able to quickly grasp new concepts and pass-on new-found knowledge to coworkers, which makes him a valuable member of any team. ― Sean Slinsky (Software Engineer at Square)